Nancy Jardine

Award-winning Middle Grade Author


About Nancy Jardine

Nancy Jardine writes contemporary mysteries and historical adventure fiction for the general adult market. On the other hand, her time travel historical adventure is suitable for a wider market from approximately age 10.
Some of her historical fiction is based in Aberdeenshire, north east Scotland, the location she’s called home for the last thirty years and an area of Scotland that she’s totally delighted to live in. History lies right on her doorstep reaching back to Neolithic standing stones and long barrows; traces of Ancient Roman temporary occupation; ‘Dark Ages’ Celtic crosses; ruined and still-in-use ancient castles—and there’s something from every century in between! She feels destined, and highly privileged, to write about her Scottish origins.
Her contemporary mysteries are based around ancestral family tree structures, and that’s more than a little bit sneaky since she originally intended to avoid history in her contemporary mysteries! That love of all historical eras will not be denied. She loves to research and is constantly seeking out more about Ancient Roman Scotland as she continues her Celtic Fervour Adventure Series, though other current writing projects are set in Victorian Scotland so there’s plenty of fodder in that research pile as well!
She’s a member of the Romantic Novelists Association; the Scottish Association of Writers; the Federation of Writers Scotland and The Historical Novel Society. The Taexali Game is her first self-published book as an indie author. Currently, six of her other novels are published by Crooked Cat Books but she intends to do more of her own publishing in 2018.


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