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About Michael Dack

Michael Dack grew up in Springport, Michigan, and was educated at Western Michigan University and Michigan State University, holding degrees in music composition theory and education.
He has published short stories in a variety of genres, and has written music for film, commercials, and other venues, as well as conducted his original works, performed by college bands and orchestras.

Together with brother and co-writer Christopher Dack, he has written several screenplays that have been honored by the Nicholl Fellowship, Slamdance, and Austin Film Festival competitions, one of which the brothers adapted into the IndieBrag Award-winning novel Bloody Mary.
The Earthlings of Moon Base 1 is intended to be the first in a four-part series called The Lunar Tetralogy, and was inspired by a desire to recapture the retro feel of classic adventure tales, but set in a technically-advanced future.

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