Marisa Mohdi

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About Marisa Mohdi

I ran a successful business as a technical writer for 15 years before following my heart to become a fiction writer. I became addicted to reading when I was five. I loved spending rainy afternoons (I’m from Malaysia) getting lost in magical worlds, exciting adventures, and spooky situations. I used to write my own stories on pages torn from my older brothers’ notebooks. I stapled those pages together, drew a cover with color pencils and proudly called myself an author.

I’m lots older now, but I become that excited little five-year-old each time I find a book I want to read, and each time I think about writing.

I’ve lived in five different countries and got my degrees in Psychology in the United States. I try to include elements from Malay/Malaysian culture and/or Psychology in my writing. I’m also a married mom of two, I spoil my cats rotten, and I still love rainy days.

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