Lucinda Elliot

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Lucinda Elliot

Lucinda Elliot loves writing Gothic style stories, which isn’t surprising because she was brought up in a series of great old isolated houses about England and Wales which her parents were refurbishing (it wasn’t so fashionable back then). After that, she lived, studied and worked in London for many years and now lives in Mid Wales with her family.
She loves writing about strong women to complement gung ho males. She also likes to depict historical reality in her historical stories, with the rough and brutal side of life in the Georgian UK not edited out as in so many ‘historical’ romances.
Her interests include weight training and she was once a champion Sportsfighter, but apart from that her interests are quite geeky. Reading classic novels, conservation, gardening, and even names and their meanings (bring on the carrot juice). She loves a laugh above anything.

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