Lew Anderson

Award-winning Fantasy Author


About Lew Anderson

Lew and his family spent six years in Asia as missionaries, returning to pastor a church in MN. He has four adult children, a growing number of grandchildren, and has been happily married to one amazing woman for the past forty years. When not writing, Lew enjoys the mountains of southern Idaho, especially with bikes, skis, and kayaks.

His books are for Upper Middle Grade to Early Young Adult readers who want action-based stories that follow a Christian moral compass.

“I write from a Biblical worldview, helping young readers realize the vital role they play and that no matter what happens in life, God is with them, for them, and working on their behalf. Often my characters exemplify a dogged perseverance as they risk all, their hope and trust surrendered in God.”

If you and your kids loved Narnia and now want more danger and suspense, these books are for you.


Books by Lew Anderson