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About Keisha Christian

Keisha Christian founded Keisha’s Gemz, LLC, in 2014. Presently known as Dropping Gemz®, the multi-faceted, healing product line includes personal care products, books, her online school Dropping Gemz® Academy, and holistic lifestyle coaching.

A dedicated problem-solver, she seized a persistent health problem which she faced as an opportunity to educate others on holistic healing. In 2007, Keisha’s health began to deteriorate, but her doctors were unable to diagnose the cause. Figuring she had nothing to lose, she met with a Natural Health Practitioner who suggested changes to her diet and exercise regimen. When her health and overall well-being improved dramatically, she began to explore how the simple choices we make every day determine how we feel.

Keisha developed a unique, refined, and subtle to how she perceived the world. She discovered that we are permeable; that we absorb and ingest our environment, from food and air to energy and emotion. With such thinking, Keisha was ready to heal and also educate people about their bodies and even their environment. Consequently, she formalized her knowledge with several Master Herbalists to learn how plants can help the body heal itself. Alongside numerous Holistic Practitioners, Keisha explored how our thoughts and spiritual well-being are reflected in our physical selves. She became attuned to energy medicine and is now a Reiki Master.

Besides teaching healing practices and mentoring, Keisha is also a renowned non-fiction author. She has earned several awards and nominations including, B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree for her Nonfiction Book Healthy Gemz and the IAN award in Nonfiction: Outstanding Education/Reference for Holistic Gemz. She has also been nominated for The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Award for Nonfiction Book Holistic Gemz, Indie Diamond Book Award for Nonfiction Book Holistic Gemz, Next Generation Indie Book Award for Nonfiction Book, Holistic Gemz, and ACHI Magazine Awards Nominee for Health & Wellness, Author of the Year, and Educator of the Year.

Drawing on nearly two decades of being an educator, Keisha empowers her clients and students with knowledge. She emphasizes that even the smallest steps work synergistically to bloom into vibrant health—all you need to do is begin. She remains dedicated to exploring more effective ways to render holistic healing.

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