Katie Ward

Award-winning Middle Grade Author


About Katie Ward

Katie Ward has loved everything literature since she was a small child when her mother would buy her a new book every Saturday and read her a story each night before bed. This did lead to trouble when she first started school, as the moment Katie spied the bookshelf she promptly sat down behind it to read and refused to move all day!
After completing a degree in Journalism at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Katie moved to Dublin where she started to seriously pursue her writing. This culminated in her entering a competition on National Irish TV channel RTE called ‘Do the Write Thing’ which was run by the Seoige and O’Shea show. Katie’s short story ‘Defying Gravity’ was the only non-Irish story selected to be published in an anthology of the same name. The book reached the Irish bestsellers list. A few months later, Katie was shortlisted for a competition run by Metro Eireann and judged by MAN Booker Prize author Roddy Doyle.
Katie currently lives in South West England and aside from her writing works in the National Health Service. Katie also enjoys hobbies which include archery and singing in a community choir.


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