Karen Emilson

Award-winning Non-Fiction Author


About Karen Emilson

Karen Emilson was born and raised in southern Ontario, Canada, the daughter of Irish immigrants on her mother’s side and an eclectic mix of Swiss, German and English on her father’s side. She spent all her free time as a child reading books and writing stories.

In 1982 she moved west to Manitoba as a young bride, settling in at the Nordheim farm in Siglunes. When Lake Manitoba overflowed its banks in 2011, she was inspired to finish a story started 10 years earlier about the Icelandic immigrants who carved out a living there, adding the award-winning novel “Be Still the Water,” to her growing list of books which include the Canadian Bestsellers, “Where Children Run,” and “When Memories Remain.”

Karen was a successful Indie author long before it was considered cool and now writes full time from her home in Grunthal, Manitoba.


Books by Karen Emilson