K.M. Breakey

Award-winning Thriller Author


About K.M. Breakey

K.M. Breakey was born in Toronto and educated at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. He spent 25 years in Software Development before turning full attention to writing in 2016, with the success of his 3rd novel. “Johnny and Jamaal” fearlessly explores racial dysfunction in America, from perspectives you won’t hear in mainstream media. His latest, “Never, Never and Never Again,” tackles South Africa’s complicated history, from Apartheid, through Transformation, and into the chaos currently laying waste to this once-prosperous nation. In an age of mass media distortion and rapid erosion of free speech, Mr. Breakey sees fiction as a powerful vehicle to disseminate truth and expose lies.

He has also published “Creator Class” and “The World Clicks.” To learn more, visit kmbreakey.com.

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