Jonathan Latt

Award-winning Science Fiction Author


About Jonathan Latt

I truly enjoy writing and it really never feels like work. Okay, mostly never feels like work.

My first novel The Geek, was actually a departure for me. I write and consult mainly in the world of science fiction and fantasy. The Geek, is more of a hardboiled, pulp, thriller and quite dark at times.

Folks who have read my books have said they are definitely filled with words. These words are used in a very clever way to form sentences, which then form paragraphs until a page is just jammed packed with them. I do this repeatedly throughout the novel.

It has been brought to my attention that my use of consonants and vowels to form these words is very helpful and made reading the book easy. As opposed to some writers who will use geometric shapes and small squiggly drawings that resemble bacon to form their words.

I am a lifelong lover of comic books, video games, science fiction and fantasy. My favorite authors include Robert Heinlein, Ernest Cline, William Gibson and Mark Twain.

Once the technology is perfected, I hope to own a robotic chimpanzee that will accompany me on many adventures. We will travel the globe solving crime, eating pie and saving the day.

I think it’s safe to assume that we’re gonna look pretty cool doing that.


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