J.T. Bishop

Award-winning Mystery Author


About J.T. Bishop

J. T. Bishop is the author of the Red-Line trilogy and an Indie BRAG Medallion recipient for her first book (Red-Line: The Shift).

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, she began writing in 2012. Two years later, the Red-Line trilogy was complete. She has been working hard since to publish all three books and is excited to announce that the third book in the trilogy, Trust Destiny, was published on Nov. 1st, 2015.

She loves stories where people with unusual abilities find themselves in difficult circumstances. Drama, angst, passion, anger, fear, and love are all part of the deal. It’s great to put a character through the ringer and see what comes out on the other side. A little bit of romance thrown in doesn’t hurt either.

J. T. enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling to amazing places, and spending time in nature. Getting up in the morning with a cup of coffee and her laptop, ready to write is the start of a perfect day.

If you’d like updates on upcoming books and events, then connect with J. T. on the J. T. Bishop website (www.jtbishopauthor.com) and her Facebook page (jtbishopauthor).

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