J. New

Award-winning Mystery Author


About J. New

J. New has had a lifelong love affair with storytelling in all its forms, so it was only natural that when the opportunity presented itself she would turn to writing books.

Adopted at six weeks old into a loving family, she grew up in a small, picturesque town in West Yorkshire surrounded by nature and with the river Wharfe on her doorstep. Books became her salvation when she found she could ‘switch off real life’ by immersing herself in the stories, “I spent a good deal of time either in my own imagination or in someone else’s.”

Her choice of genre, British mysteries set in the 1930’s, stems from a love of books and films from the era, but the more contemporary ghostly twist originates from personal and family experience.

When not writing she spends her free time with her soul-mate, partner and best friend, (luckily they are all the same person), her rescue animals, gardening, drawing or decorating. A vegetarian, she’s also an advocate for holistic, natural health products.