Ingrid Ramsdale

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Ingrid Ramsdale

Ingrid Ramsdale was born in Sydney, Australia but spent her childhood growing up in New Guinea.
As a busy entrepreneur running her own business Ingrid’s life took a dramatic turn in 2016 after a freaky accident that caused a traumatic head injury. Creative writing was the catalyst to her healing and as she improved, she penned her debut novel, Emilie that was published in 2021.
Ingrid loves writing historical fiction as she believes it provides a conduit to the past and a better understanding of who we are in today’s world.
She uses her skills as both a teacher and clinical nutritionist to create meaningful and dramatic stories.
Ingrid lives in a small rural town in Tasmania. She writes from an old 1880s hotel that she and her husband, Michael, lovingly restored into a beautiful home for themselves. When she is not writing Ingrid enjoys growing and cooking her own produce, bushwalking, and spending time with her grandchildren.


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