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About Geraldine Evans

Geraldine Evans was born in London and brought up on a south London council estate. Even though, like her three siblings, she left school in her mid-teens, she found a love of life-long learning shortly after. Why not before? Ah there’s a tale for another time!
After being plucked twice from slush piles (Hale and Macmillan), she spent eighteen years as a traditionally published author.
Dead Before Morning was her first crime/mystery novel. It was snapped up from Macmillan’s slush pile in the 90s and led to what is now her 18-strong Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series, of which fourteen were traditionally published, and four were by published by her as an Indie.
But becoming increasingly disenchanted with publishers, she took control of her own destiny and turned Indie in 2010.
Is she glad she didn’t listen to those who said she would never make it on her own? You betcha! She’s a firm believer that you plough your own furrow in this world, however unlikely life’s beginnings or how inept the initial plough-pushing.

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