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About Gail McFarland

Gail McFarland was once the girl known for never failing to get an ‘A’ in Honors English.  She fell in love with the magic of fiction at the age of three, and today she is the published author of more than 100 short romantic confessions and short stories, numerous ebooks, and ten popular contemporary novels.

Best known for her contemporary romantic novels and her pointed approach to mainstream and “chick lit”, Ms. McFarland has been a contributing member of The GA Peach Authors and the Atlanta Black Writers.  She is also a dedicated and nationally certified wellness/fitness advocate, with more than twenty years of experience. Widely known for her positive and inspirational approach to exercise and health, McFarland is a popular speaker and trainer. Following her personal mantra of, “If I rest, I rust,” she is currently an active fitness instructor, health coach, wellness consultant, and community health volunteer.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Ms. McFarland now makes her home and place of literary creation in Atlanta, Georgia.

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