Evelyn Sun

Award-winning Horror Author


About Evelyn Sun

Evelyn Sun, 25, is the exciting new author of the gothic horror novel, Sorrel and Myriana. Although she lives in the small, quaint city of Richmond – B.C. – Canada, she works in the hustle and bustle of the big city, Vancouver. Evelyn had always had a fascination with science especially infectious diseases. After graduating from University of British Columbia, she decided to pursue her PhD in microbiology. Although she loves what she does, she isn’t too thrilled with how writing is done in her field. “It’s really formulaic and boring,” said Evelyn, “and I have so much creativity in me. I felt like it was wasted so I wanted an outlet for my creativity.” With that in mind, Evelyn began writing her newly acclaimed novel during her undergraduate years and finished after many long years. “I didn’t want to publish it at first, but I sat back and looked at the work as a whole and thought, maybe I do want to publish this after all.” Having made the decision to publish her manuscript in 2015, she wanted to put out a novel that would bring meaning to her readers. Evelyn claims that she has the same goal whether as a scientist or a writer and that is to make an impact in someone’s life.


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