Eva Flynn

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Eva Flynn

The true story of the meteoric rise of Victoria Woodhull, a woman who was born into poverty and sold into marriage, only to become the first female stockbroker, a wealthy newspaper publisher, and a presidential candidate. Forced to be a clairvoyant huckster by her father, Victoria Woodhull manipulates robber baron Commodore Vanderbilt and together they cause the panic of Black Friday in 1869. Victoria then parlays her fortune into the first female-owned brokerage firm. When her hero Susan B. Anthony pays a visit to her and subsequently publishes unkind words about Victoria’s past, Victoria responds by engaging in a fierce rivalry with Susan to become the dominate voice in the women’s movement. Victoria announces her candidacy for President, testifies to Congress, and even starts her own newspaper. But when Victoria speaks against marital rape, and the right to divorce, her radical ideas ignite a new battle with Reverend Henry Beecher, which leads to trials, persecution, and ultimately forces her to face the most difficult choice in her life.


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