Douglas Van Dyke

Award-winning Fantasy Author


About Douglas Van Dyke

About the author: Douglas was born Nov 28th, 1971. He got the chance to live in many different places while growing up, courtesy of the assignments the US Army offered his father. Quiet and shy, he dreamed of other worlds and places…and desired to write about them. He got into fantasy role-playing games in his mid-teens. To this day he regularly meets friends in tabletop role-playing games and online adventures. Many of his characters evolved in games, and each developed their own personality.

Having to rely on self-publishing for his novels, Douglas was surprised at the amount of good reviews and publicity they received. The Earthrin Stones trilogy sold more copies than expected. The Widow Brigade started its reception earning fourteen straight 5-star reviews, including a recent widow who said it helped with her healing process. Douglas has been invited to classrooms to teach teens about writing and publishing.

Douglas lives with his wife and two sons in Minnesota. He works in health care, serving people’s needs in medical imaging. When most people see him, he is wearing scrubs.