Douglas Phillips

Award-winning Science Fiction Author


About Douglas Phillips

Douglas Phillips is the author of the Quantum Series, a set of four science fiction thrillers set in the fascinating world of particle physics, where bizarre is an everyday thing. The pace is quick, and each chapter is designed to leave the reader reeling – and anxious to find out what happens next.

Doug has two science degrees, has designed and written predictive computer models for natural processes and engineered structures, reads physics books for fun, flies airplanes to waste money and peers into deep space with his backyard telescope.

Doug splits his time between Seattle and Tucson, travels the world with his wife, hikes with his two sons, and becomes a child all over again with his grandchildren.

“I love science fiction, especially stories that begin with real science and go from there. I’ve studied a wide range of science throughout my life. Now, I’m turning that experience into the stories I’ve always wanted to read​.”


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