Dion Mayne

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Dion Mayne

Dion Mayne’s dream of writing and publishing historical novels has been realised under the mentorship of his former principal Paul Richardson. Boomerang Gold, Dion’s first novel has created larger than life characters hell bent on privateering, a lust for blood and a hunger for gold in the late 16th Century.

The second novel, Masquerade Gold, is a prequel to BG and based in Europe, mid 16th Century, where the Spanish Empire is the dominant World Power and espionage amongst their rivals is rife.

Dion, a former Eungella State School student and then Principal, Paul Richardson, have teamed up to publish both novels.

Based around historical events, the stories raise questions about the brutality of the times, the endurance of the early sailors & spies, the mistreatment of women and resistance by first nation Australians to white man’s arrival on their country.

Asked how it came about, Mayne said, “I’ve always found the Australasian expeditions interesting and when a lot of focus has been on the British arrival, I wanted to focus on the 16th Century world events and southern expeditions and create unique tales. And who doesn’t mind a tale with a bit of revenge, lust and gold!”

Dion and Paul aim to have their third novel of the trilogy available in September 2023, with the trilogy then being on all 3 platforms, paperback, ebook & audio.