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About Dave Thomson

Dave Thomson grew up in northern England, witnessing first-hand the dismantling of its industrial base under Thatcherism during the 1980’s; a social upheaval soundtracked by post-punk experimentation as it bubbled to the surface of these northern towns and cities, and whose cultural influences are bigger today than ever before. After a false start as an apprentice engineer, Dave Thomson opened an independent record shop in the market town of Retford. He also DJ’d between acts at the legendary Retford Porterhouse who played host to many of these post-punk pioneers.

Some years later Dave moved to London and whilst he now considers this to be his home, his musical reference points and political outlook hark back to his formative years in the north of England. Writing has always been a big part of his creative life, from poetry to diaries to screenplays and ultimately this book; an ambitious attempt to join both the political and musical dots of his past and present.

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