Brook Allen

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Brook Allen

Author Brook Allen has a passion for ancient history—especially 1st century BC Rome. Her Antonius
Trilogy is a detailed account of the life of Marcus Antonius—Marc Antony, which she has worked on for
the past fifteen years. The first installment, Antonius: Son of Rome was published in March 2019. It
follows Antony as a young man, from the age of eleven, when his father died in disgrace, until he’s
twenty-seven and meets Cleopatra for the first time. Brook’s second book is Antonius: Second in
Command, dealing with Antony’s tumultuous rise to power at Caesar’s side and culminating with the
civil war against Brutus and Cassius. Antonius: Soldier of Fate is the last book in the trilogy, spotlighting
the romance between Antonius and Cleopatra and the historic war with Octavian Caesar.

In researching the Antonius Trilogy, Brook’s travels have led her to Italy, Egypt, Greece, and even Turkey
to explore places where Antony once lived, fought, and eventually died. While researching abroad, she
consulted with scholars and archaeologists well-versed in Hellenistic and Roman history, specifically
pinpointing the late Republican Period in Rome. Brook belongs to the Historical Novel Society and
attends conferences as often as possible to study craft and meet fellow authors. In 2019, Son of Rome
won the Coffee Pot Book Club Book of the Year Award. In 2020, it was honored with a silver medal in the
international Reader’s Favorite Book Reviewers Book Awards.

Though she graduated from Asbury University with a B.A. in Music Education, Brook has always loved
writing. She completed a Masters program at Hollins University with an emphasis in Ancient Roman
studies, which helped prepare her for authoring her present works. Brook teaches full-time as a Music
Educator and works in a rural public-school district near Roanoke, Virginia. Her personal interests
include travel, cycling, hiking in the woods, reading, and spending downtime with her husband and two
amazing Labrador Retrievers. She lives in the heart of southwest Virginia in the scenic Blue Ridge