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“Nile Cat” is Angela Cecil Reid’s debut novel. It was inspired by her great grandmother, May Tyssen-Amherst’s memoir of childhood winters spent in Egypt in the 1870s. Angela discovered the memoir whilst researching a biography on her Tyssen-Amherst ancestors, who were notable for sending Howard Carter to Egypt as a young man and setting him on the path, which led him to the tomb of Tutankhamun. Angela has presented papers on the family at ASTENE (The Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East) conferences and has had articles published on their exploits in Egypt, the most recent being “The Princess and the Karnak Cachette” which was published in Laurent Coulon’s “La Cachette de Karnak”. She has also contributed stories to each of five successful collections of short stories set in Oxford and the surrounding countryside, “The Sixpenny Debt and Other Oxford Stories” being the first in the series and “The Radcliffe Legacy and Other Oxford Stories” the last.

Angela taught children with dyslexia for many years. She and her husband now live on a farm in Oxfordshire and look after a menagerie of dogs, chickens, a pair of fearsome Embden geese, and a flock of rare breed Cotswold sheep. Since her children left home she has spent more time writing. She is currently working on “Rubies on the Nile”, the sequel to “Nile Cat”.

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