Alex Martin

Award-winning Paranormal Author


About Alex Martin

My name is Alex Martin and I’m happy to call myself an indie writer. I’ve written five novels to date, something I’d never thought I’d achieve. Writing books has been a life-long dream and self-publishing has given me the opportunity to get my work out there and even be paid for it. I write in my ‘Plotting Shed’, built from a kit, at the bottom of my garden on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales, UK.
I’ve learned that writing isn’t like being the conductor of an orchestra. No, it’s about living the story, being there submersed in that world and becoming those fictitious people. So, believe me, I feel their pain, their anger, and their hopes and dreams become very real. To achieve this surreal state, I need a few rituals. I trudge up the garden path, laptop in hand, dog at my heels, and unlock my den. Inside smells creative.
I light the gas fire if I need to, and a candle always, and do a little meditation. I get rid of any personal angst in my journal and clear my mind. Then, comes the moment of truth, the delicious few seconds of the blank page, willing me to cover it in potential. Hours can fly by without me noticing, until my canine muse gets bored, or we both get hungry and mundane matters puncture the bubble. 

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