Alex Bryant

Award-winning Fantasy Author


About Alex Bryant

You’re reading this because you want to find out about me. This is a mistake. The more you find out, the more hurt and confused you will inevitably become. Nonetheless, I will try to tell you everything I know about myself.

I grew up in London, just up the road from Highgate Cemetery. I’ve led a largely comfortable but unremarkable life. My main hobbies as a kid were reading and sulking. Neither of these activities has proved to be profitable. I now live and write in Oxford.

The first idea for The God Machine came to me when I was 19, shortly after falling off a horse. Or possibly shortly before – the exact chronology is lost to history. So is the horse’s name, so don’t even ask.

When I’m not writing, I perform improvised comedy in London with Hivemind Improv. And when I am writing, I’m procrastinating.


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