The F❤️ck Your Bucket List Trilogy

Award-winning Book Series


About The F❤️ck Your Bucket List Trilogy

When I trekked into the unknown, there was no book or person in the world to guide me, no matter how much I looked and sought them out. Life was here to teach me and it became the most important relationship I could ever have. As you work towards learning who you are at the core and unlock your calling, you must be willing to make conscious choices, that can mean leaving things and even people behind as you create an intentional life that brings joy, peace, and meaning. The F❤️ck the Bucket List trilogy first guides you on a journey of deep reflection and discovery to uncover the wonder that is you. Then book 2 takes you deep into the adventures of trekking into the unknown. And in book 3 the incredible shared stories guide you to learn to trust your own heart and become a dynamic creator of your life. Are you ready to join us on the adventure of a lifetime? Why go it alone?