A Writer’s Life: Interview with S.M. Spencer

sm-spencer-bragWe’d like to welcome multi award winning author S M Spencer to indieBRAG today to talk with us about her writing. S.M. grew up reading the romantic suspense works of marvelous authors such as Daphne du Maurier and Mary Stewart. These books, as well as others by such incredible authors as Ray Bradbury, Amy Tan, and J.R.R. Tolkien, stirred in her a passion that would last a lifetime–to write stories that would stay with readers long after they’d finished the final pages.

Although S M Spencer grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area she now lives in Australia and writes from the home she shares with her husband, horses, cats and dogs. She writes clean young adult paranormal romance as well as Australian contemporary/rural romance.

destinyWhen writing, what makes you feel happiest?

I suppose what makes me happiest is when I get into a scene, and it just flows. Sometimes the dialogue just flows so naturally and you can hear their voices so clearly. It is pure bliss when this happens.

 What makes you feel the most frustrated?

What is most frustrating is- when I know what I want to write, but it just doesn’t translate onto paper. The scene/description/dialogue might be crystal clear in my mind, but when I try to put it onto paper the words just don’t convey what I’m trying to say.

What are the challenges you face when sitting down to write?

The main challenge is to type fast enough while the thoughts fly through my mind—to get the words out before they disappear!


 What traits and values do your characters have that you have most in common with?

Hope. I’ve been called a Pollyanna. Personally, I take that as a compliment.


How would your characters describe you?

Kind. I’m basically kind to my characters. I don’t put them in life-threatening situations, I rarely make them feel much in the way of physical pain, and I don’t make them do anything they would hate themselves for later.

 If you were to write your memoir, what title would you give it?

Getting There


 What are your themes in story telling?

Second chances and trusting your intuition.


What is the emotion/feelings you have after writing for hours?

My emotions after a long writing stint can vary dramatically. Sometimes, if I write for a long time, I’m depleted. Other times, I can be frustrated because I’m still on a roll but other commitments get in the way and I just have to stop. And other times, I feel energised because I’ve had a really good run and have come to a natural stopping point.

Do you have a habit in your writing that you wish you could get rid of?

No, not really. I’m still learning I suppose, so I do have to do a lot of editing, but that’s just part of the process and I accept that.

 What is the best compliment someone gave you about your book(s)?

One of the best compliments was a reader saying they couldn’t put the book down, and they felt like they were right there with the characters because the story and the dialogue were so natural for them.

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