How did you discover indiebrag?

I have had the honor of interviewing B.R.A.G. Medallion Honorees for a few years now and will continue that honor. One of the questions I ask the authors is how they discovered indiebrag. I am always fascinated with their answers and I thought, why not blog about it? It would be fun. Beginning today, I will frequently share quotes from authors on how they discovered indiebrag. How did you discover indiebrag?

Face of our father BRAG

Egore Pitir -While venturing down the Internet rabbit hole labeled “self-published reviews,” trying to divine reputable from reprehensible, I finally came across the bookbaby blog, and their article entitled “5 Places Indie Authors Can Get Their Books Reviewed.” All five seemed to have legitimacy, but indieBRAG possessed the most unique concept, and seemed to put the reader’s needs first. I liked that a lot. Full interview here







The Hour of Parade

Alan Bray – I believe I learned about IndieBRAG through an internet search regarding self-publishing resources. I sent in an application and was delighted to be accepted. They have been very helpful with promoting my book. -Full Interview here








dont tell anyone

Laurie Boris -I’m grateful to be aboard today and so excited that Don’t Tell Anyone is an indieBRAG honoree. I discovered indieBRAG when my friend and fellow Indies Unlimited contributor Martin Crosbie had his first novel, My Temporary Life, selected. Since I kind of stalk him and do everything that he does (kidding!) I decided to submit one of my books. Then I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of indieBRAG at the Self-Publishing Book Expo in New York. They gave a terrific presentation about what readers respond to when choosing a book. It really stuck with me. Writing fiction is fulfilling and wonderful work, but finding a connection with readers makes all those hours in my little room worthwhile. As a self-published author, I get to see that on the front lines. I like the control self-publishing offers me: the topics I write about, the publishing platforms. If I’m not reaching readers, I am free to try something new: change my pricing, find a new category, or a new place where readers can stumble across my work. The ground is constantly shifting. It’s a challenge, but it’s also energizing to learn new things, connect with other supportive authors, and discover something that works. -Full interview here




the-first-lieVirginia King -Before The First Lie was published I stumbled across indieBRAG during some online research. The website looked classy and the process looked rigorous and I hoped my book might be good enough to win a Medallion. -Full interview here








A Bright Power Rising BRAGNoel Coughlan – I was checking out a novel I had read on Amazon and noticed it was a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. I checked out from the website and was intrigued by IndieBrag’s philosophy. I’ve sometimes heard some people express a longing for some type of quality award to help them sift through self-published books by unfamiliar authors. Their hypothetical solution was almost identical to IndieBrag’s process. This intrigued me enough to submit my book. -Full interview here







DEBUNKER BRAGDennis Anthony – I learned from numerous sources that the B.R.A.G Medallion enjoyed a reputation for recognizing quality efforts by self-published writers. -Full interview here








By Stephanie M. Hopkins

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The comments, advice and opinions expressed here are those of authors whose books have been honored with a B.R.A.G. Medallion. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners, management, or employees of indieBRAG, LLC.

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