Celebrating Your Children With Reading


With the ever increasing pull of technology we find great efficiencies and learn faster but are we struggling to teach our children the fine art of reading? And are they getting enough of that joyful silence where they steal themselves away and get lost in a great reading adventure.

For the members and followers of IndieBRAG, reading is everything we are about, but even for us the struggle exists. Our children and grandchildren play with smart phones and tablets and get use to the immediate gratification that comes with rote learning. And it’s quite amazing to see them tackle technology; preparing themselves for a world that we can only begin to imagine.

But learning to read is hard work and takes the time and patience that is hard-won in our fast paced lives. Here are a few tips from our team and friends.

Make consistent time to read. The easiest way for us all to turn off is to find a chunk of time and turn it into a ritual. Light a fire, make some snacks and encourage the children in your life to slow down and grab a book.

Be a good example. Our children aren’t the only ones addicted to modern devices. How many families sit down and type away in tandem on the smart phones while all sitting together at the table or in from of the TV (double distraction!) If you want kids to understand how wonderful reading can be, then show them how often you read and tell them about your favorite books.

Paint a picture. Whether it is suggesting a read of the book before the movie comes out or sharing something you cherished when young, the key is to create a specific desire to pick a book up.

Remember it’s about fostering imagination. One great piece of advice told to us of late was to not force kids to read and make them feel like it’s a chore. Instead, read to them, read with them, read aloud together…show them what it’s like to read, don’t just tell them they ‘must’ do it.

Reading is an adventure and one that we can’t lose a focus on as the world starts moving faster around us.


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