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Book 4 The Michael Butler Saga


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Genres Thriller, Romance
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The biggest star in harness horse racing in America is Sophia Butler. She lives in Illinois. Her husband Michael is serving five years for conspiracy and obstruction of justice in New York State because he wouldn’t testify against friends at his trial. Sophia left New York, swearing never to return because of the treatment of her husband.The Governor of New York wants to increase revenue at New York State harness racing tracks by adding add slot machines at the racetracks. He needs a star to help promote the idea and draw crowds. Michael Butler is offered a deal: get your wife to come to Yonkers Raceway in New York and race and he will be released from prison. But, no one has asked Sophia. Does she still love her husband? Sophia’s family, the notorious mobsters, The Tanzini Brothers, want to use Sophia’s popularity to build a racing complex in Iowa. They’ll use whatever means needed to control her. Michael Butler has only his, hopefully, unbreakable bond of love with his wife to offer. The Tanzinis have the mid-west’s most feared hitman. An exciting fast paced story of love, greed, betrayal, and violence with the precious bond of true love at stake.

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