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Undone by the Earl


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He didn’t want a wife…
But he needed one. Former hellraiser and infamous rogue Adrian Sinclair is ready to prove he’s a changed man. He vows to atone for his past by fulfilling his duties as the new Earl of Wareton—which includes choosing a wealthy, suitable wife. When he takes charge of his cousin’s home, his first priority is marrying off his cousin’s troublesome stepsister. However, the more time he spends with the unconventional beauty, the harder it is to deny the attraction he feels. While she’s anything but suitable, she’s everything he wants.

She didn’t want to be alone…
But she had no choice. Anna Colbrook would rather everyone think she’s content to be a spinster than have them know the truth. Unfortunately, Adrian seems determined to uncover the real reason she remains unmarried and his powers of persuasion—namely his kisses in the moonlight—awaken Anna’s long-denied dreams of love. But when a scandalous deception is revealed, she begins to doubt Adrian’s honor. Worse, the secret puts Anna in grave danger, one even Adrian might not be able to save her from.

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