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Mirrored Reflections


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From Hell to Hope
“I will never leave you or forsake you” Hebrews 13:5

Opposites attract and Chad and Sierra are that. Chad is
destroyed on the outside by a suicide bomber while Sierra is
broken on the inside by human trafficking. They are each
other’s reflection of who they are – beautiful butravaged by life.
Chad Michaels, an Afghan vet, comes home to a suicide bomber
who destroys not only his family butthe man he was. Now, he
must deal with life as a burn victim — as a monster. But Sierra
sees what a beautiful man Chad truly is.
Not all wounds are flesh. Many are inside one’s soul where Sierra
Smith’s scars run deep. Yet, Chad sees the innocence that Sierra
fails to see. Kidnapped atthe early age of six, Sierra was raised
to become a high-end prostitute who now dreams of becoming
a nurse…someone who helps heal people not service them. But
her pastrelentlessly haunts her.
Sierra and Chad are determined to help each other healfrom
theirtraumas – whateverittakes. And, somehow, with God’s
help,they will survive to see a brighter day.

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