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Love Backwards


Website(s) JF Ridgley Author of Historical Fiction and Romance 
Genres Romance
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“Listen to your heart, sug. It don’t lie.”Allyson Ford is fed-up with dating because, lately, it seems to be all about partying hardy, getting drunk, and getting laid. “There’s nothing but cavemen out there anymore.”“Dating? Ha!” Steve McCallister barely escaped an encounter with one of the many cavewomen who constantly fill his college geology classes. Then, during a midnight run, his Eagle-Scout blood rises when he sees a damsel in distress. Miracles of miracles, Allyson and Steve end up at an all-night diner, talking endlessly about everything from life, dreams, marriage, and relationships-witnessed and wanted. Just when Allyson thinks she’s ruined everything, Steve suddenly proposes an incredulous idea that they get married. “Will you change your mind about what you want in a relationship in six hours, six days, six years, or sixty? Have you honestly told me what you want?”Allyson knows her answer. But what about love? Shouldn’t it come first? Are Steve and Allyson going about this love-thing totally backwards? Their friends and families think so.

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