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Green Stone of Healing® Book Two


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Book Series Green Stone of Healing®
Genres Romance, Paranormal
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Lt. Helen Andros clashes repeatedly with her newfound parent, Lord James Mordecai, the Lord Protector of Azgard. At great personal risk, she devises a means to rescue Kefren, the Exalted Lord, from slow poisoning by priests in the pay of Kefren’s brother and heir.

Helen’s father faces serious charges and trial before his peers over his relationship with Helen’s mother. In a show of political support, Kefren orders Helen bound in marriage to the second son of the Prince of Westar.

Her family relationship struggles hit a low point after Helen inadvertently violates military law and faces agonizing punishment administered by her father. Recovering, she learns from Maguari about her life as Andros, the half-breed son of Kronos—also her father in this life.

Just before Lord James’s trial begins, the Holy One unexpectedly orders Helen to be present at the proceeding. Watching her proud father plead for her, Helen has a change of heart and finds the courage to express it.

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