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Comes The Winter


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Alena’s been warned to leave the mountain before winter wraps its icy fingers around the land, closing the passes until spring, but something beyond reason holds her there, something more than the warmth of the fire at her hearth.

In the fall of 1886, Alena Sommer leaves behind a life fraught with disappointments and loss only to arrive in Sawtooth City and find the man she’d pledged to marry has been killed. To return east is unthinkable; to stay is ill-advised, but she resolves to remain and manage the man’s lodging house despite the warnings. More than her stubborn nature influences her decision. From her first glimpse of this mountain valley she falls captive to its wild beauty and begins to sink her roots into its rich earth. Sharing her love of literature with her lodgers before a warming fire, she builds a family of lonesome souls, where dreams awaken.
However, one man stands apart, disturbing her peace with ominous warnings to leave before winter comes. Evan Hartmann knows from personal loss that winter snows bring to these mountains both unimaginable beauty and death. He is also a man conflicted, because as much as he’d like for Lena to leave the mountains, his heart longs for her to stay.

“A book you can’t put down.” COMES THE WINTER is the third book in the series, The Sawtooth Range.

Lush landscapes, relatable characters, and compelling stories of courageous women are the hallmarks of Samantha St. Claire’s romantic fiction.

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