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Alaska Spark


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Genres Romance
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After a smokejumper breaks Tara’s heart, she vows no more heartbreak. But when Ryan O’Connor, a sexy Alaska smokejumper helps her when she fails to save someone on a wildfire, she figures she owes him one. But she doesn’t owe him her heart because of his undeniable charm and good looks.

Tara’s job is dangerous, but she loves the adrenaline rush of firefighting. She has goals: To get on a hotshot crew, she must be on her game. But when Tara’s boss reassigns her to Alaska, her dream falls out of reach.

When she winds up in Ryan’s fire training class, he’s curious about this woman who risked her life to save another. He wants to help her deal with the line of duty death. Despite her attraction to him, Tara doesn’t give in so easily. Her job is priority one.

Ryan has his own story. There’s plenty of demons in his past. Is Tara the spark his life needs? Can he win her over?

But when someone sabotages Tara on the job and accuses her of attempted murder on the fireline, she discovers a threat far more dangerous than fire—a threat that intends to destroy everything she’s worked for—including a second chance for love that could be snuffed before it ignites.

As Tara and Ryan grapple with this unknown threat, they discover fighting fire isn’t just about battling flames—it’s a fight for survival—and a willingness to risk everything for love.

Romance, fire, and sabotage…one explosive mix!

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