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The Last Football Player


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Genres Middle Grade
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A realistic near-future, young adult, science fiction, sports drama featuring an upcoming 9th grade wide receiver who is denied the opportunity to be a star because his influential Silicon Valley father leads a successful movement to ban football. Deeply disappointed and now highly unpopular among his fellow football players at school, protagonist Dude McPherson sets out on a desperate quest to make football safe enough to play again. Relegated to an after-school program in his school’s state-of-the-art Tech Lab, Dude would much rather be back on the football field, until his new team of teen techie geniuses suggest a highly innovative solution to his problem, a solution that not only transforms Dude, but the world of sports as well.

This highly-anticipated novel by award-winning author, John Blossom, explores creativity, AI, and technology in some disturbing but plausible ways. What will football be like in the near future? The Last Football Player offers surprising and intriguing predictions in an easy-to-read and compelling story of compromise, friendship, and triumph in the face of the rapidly evolving changes teens face in society today.

The Last Football Player is a must-read for anyone interested in near-future sports psychology, team work, creative problem-solving, technology, artificial intelligence, coaching, and, surprisingly, art!

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