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The Greenest Wind

A Summer in Ireland


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Illustrator Sam Kalda
Genres Middle Grade
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Lucy can hardly wait for summer vacation – she and her mother are flying all the way from Germany to sunny California! But at the last minute, the plan falls through, and Lucy winds up having to fly all alone to Ireland instead.
To an eccentric aunt she doesn’t even know, and who, apparently, lives in an old cottage without a roof. And that in a country where it rains all the time!
Lucy doesn’t want to go, not one little bit, but there’s no other option. By the end of the five weeks, though, she has to admit it was the best vacation ever.

The Greenest Wind tells a touching, gently humorous story that explores themes of friendship, family, creativity – and the importance of aunts.

A perennial seller in its native Germany, and already translated into Swedish and Dutch, the novel now makes its appearance in English.
Original title: Eine Tüte grüner Wind – Sommerferien in Irland. Carlsen Verlag. ISBN 978-3-551-36252-0

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