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The Cemetery Sleeper


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Genres Middle Grade
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Why does Freddy Pesterfield wake up in the nearby cemetery night after night?

Freddy is convinced he’s being lured into sleepwalking to the graveyard by a ghost named Tump. But Freddy’s family believes the grief over his mother’s death is what draws him to the cemetery. Freddy enlists his superstitious friend and his wary cousin to help get rid of Tump for good. No folk remedies or safeguards keep Tump from invading Freddy’s dreams. Freddy desperately seeks out a medicine woman for a cure but she advises him to listen to what the ghost is trying to tell him. Freddy learns about Tump’s past through his dreams and begins to suspect his elderly relatives were involved in Tump’s drowning. Freddy must uncover the family’s secrets before Tump takes his revenge on Freddy. The Fourth of July family gathering ends with a shocking grand finale of fireworks, lightning and Freddy’s drowning. Only in death does Freddy finally meet Tump as they both fight for one more chance at life.

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