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Bannister’s Muster

Book One: Snap


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Genres Middle Grade
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What’s a boy to do when he wakes in the night to find a giant balloon and a strange man in his bedroom?
For young Nathan Bannister, the sight of a mad wizard in his room is only the beginning–as strange and wonderful things await those brave enough to climb aboard! Nathan leaves behind what was once his quiet life and the warmth of his bed for the great unknown. Whisked away to medieval London and left to fend for himself, Nathan learns that adventure is never simple–and the past is no place for a boy in his pyjamas!
Magic, adventure, wonder, and excitement await those who seek it. With new friends, and many enemies, Nathan’s journey to wondrous and magical places is only beginning. There’s room for all as Nathan is joined by his little sister to help share in the adventure.
So climb aboard, bumble-bee head–there’s adventure to be had and worlds to explore! There will be time to sleep when we are older.

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