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A.K.A. Kidney Man


Website(s) LovoBooks.com 
Illustrator Cover Art by Kat Tatz
Genres Middle Grade
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Nick is a wise-cracking fifth grade ten-year old who likes to give special nicknames to his posse of friends and ride bikes with his best pal, Diego. But life takes a turn when he finds himself passed out on his classroom floor, looking straight up at the nose hairs of his teacher. Not a pretty sight. Suddenly, worrying about landing a part in the class production of “Romeo and Juliet” and getting annoyed with his classmate, Molly Cooper, are no longer his biggest concerns. Instead, his focus becomes survival. Nick’s skateboard-riding doctor and his rambunctious pals try to keep him laughing as he faces down a life-threatening kidney disease. The question is…will Nick get a kidney in time to save his life?

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