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Rock Gods & Messy Monsters


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Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is one woman’s search for self among the blood-soaked walls, dangling body parts, and alien-hatched explosions inside Acht Records.

Hailed by Kirkus Reviews as a “fast-paced, entertaining comic treat” and “the best kind of absurdism” from the Independent Book Review, Rock Gods is a humorous, fictional satire about discovering self love.

It’s the 1990s. Alex arrives at work, her improbable blonde hair streaked stress magenta and anger black. Her first duty is to clean up her boss’s blood vessel explosion.

On the surface, Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is a story about life inside an entertainment company. A cast of comedic characters exemplifies the inner workings of Acht, where power and greed mask incompetence.

A series of escapades involve Alex, a hard-working, lower-level employee trying to get promoted. When she does, she realizes her dream is a nightmare. Corporate executives are working with aliens to manufacture a half-human, half-robot superstar as one of the doubly-named Senior Senior Executive Presidents attempts to overthrow the Deity in charge.

Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is a cautionary tale. It reminds us that our dreams can be illusions, and learning who we really are takes courage and a commitment to self-love.

Awarded the Top 30 Impressive Indie Books of 23022 from Independent Book Review 

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