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Garbageman book two


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David and his wife, Julie, are still recovering from the previous events in Garbageman.

David’s telekinetic abilities have disappeared, and he’s eager to discover why.

Meanwhile, Julie has immersed herself in Southwest Native American art and culture. She collects kachina figures — handmade dolls symbolizing strange and powerful spirits. Her knowledge of mythology will come in handy when the supernatural world calls on the couple, and David finds himself possessing a strange Hopi artifact.

Dogging them both is a serial killer, the Fisherman, and other paranormal demons and enemies. To defeat these dark forces, the couple must put their trust in a mysterious new ally.

Like its predecessor, Cryptic is written in author Erik Dean’s signature synthetic style.

Science fiction, horror, mystery, the occult, and even the metaphysical, exist side by side in Dean’s rich world of the supernatural Southwest.

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