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Portia Parrott and the Great Kitten Rescue


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Moving is the pits. Moving without your dad is even worse. When seven-year-old Portia Parrott is sent to live with her mom, she worries the only thing she’ll like about Florida is the alligators. It isn’t fair. Dad gets to film a TV show in Australia, and she gets sticky air and Mom’s drooly rat-dog, Barf. Being back with her mom is nice, but her new classmates think she’s crazy! No one cares how many snakes she can name. Worse, they want her to do homework! But when she rescues a strange kitten and sneaks it into school, the adventure really begins.

Funny and silly, with lots of excitement and a little heart, Portia Parrott will appeal to readers of Junie B. Jones, Clementine, and other fun chapter books. Appropriate for ages five through nine and entertaining for parents, too.

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