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Koala Ballerina’s Superhero Bowling Rescue


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Illustrator Nejla Shojaie
Genres Children's
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From award-winning, best-selling author Sheri Poe-Pape, begins her latest series, Koala Ballerina Superhero Bowling Rescue.

Koala Ballerina has many friends! Koala Ballerina likes to be known as the ‘superhero’ in her town and she is preparing to go bowling with a dear friend, Wilfrid Wombat. She arrives at Eucalyptus Lanes only to find her friend in an unhappy state. He is being mistreated by the town’s local bully, Digby Dingo. Koala Ballerina goes into action as the superhero and removes Wilfrid from the scene. Wilfrid Wombat feels he will never fit in with the others in his town. But when trouble happens, Koala Ballerina convinces Digby Dingo that is it very wrong to bully someone who is different.

Will Digby Dingo apologize to Wilfrid Wombat? Will Digby Dingo ever bully again? Will they ever develop a special friendship? The book encompasses friendship, empathy, compassion, fun and adventure.

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