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Cassie’s Marvelous Music Lessons


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Cassie Pup sure loves to play and teach the piano. Actually, she can’t live without it. The only thing she might love more is the company of her little students. No matter even if her owner, Mrs. Applebaum, tries to keep her from playing and teaching piano, Cassie finds a way to enjoy her music!

Is Cassie Pup a Marvelous Musical Mutt? Will she and her new owner, Mrs. Applebaum, be able to get along as they teach their little students? Read along to find out!

Music lovers of ALL AGES will find this book humorous with a play on words around favorite folk children’s songs. Parents will also appreciate the subtle references to important topics, such as:

Learning to adapt to a new adoption home can be challenging. It does not happen quickly, but with the support of the new owner and friends, one can develop a sense of belonging and patience as well. Include Cassie’s Marvelous Music Lessons to your children’s book collection, and help a child learn to adapt to life challenges and find simple pleasures.
Join Cassie Pup in her first book of the Cassie Pup Series as she tries to take over the role of “world’s greatest piano teacher!” Get your copy now!

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