Rasana Atreya

Award-winning Literary Fiction Author


About Rasana Atreya

Rasana Atreya’s debut novel “Tell A Thousand Lies” was shortlisted for the UK-based “Tibor Jones South Asia Prize” (2012). She declined a publishing contract from a traditional publisher because she wanted to explore this newfangled phenomenon known as self-publishing. As one of India’s self-publishing pioneers, she was invited by Amazon to the India launch of the Kindle. She was also a panelist at the prestigious Jaipur Literary Festival in 2013. She’s been interviewed extensively by the Indian news media, and also by international influencers/podcasters like NYT bestselling author Joanna Penn, Amar Vyas, and founder of UK-based The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), Orna Ross.

Rasana Atreya finds a mention in the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque’s “Emerging South Asian Women Writers: Essays and Interviews (From Antiquity to Modernity Book 1)” by Deborah Fillerup Weagel and Feroza Jussawalla. In the Spring of 2017, Prof. Jussawalla taught “Tell A Thousand Lies” in her class, English 479 (Survey of Postcolonial Literature and Theories).


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