Matt Strempel

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Matt Strempel

Traditionally trained as a graphic designer, I spent a few years in and around advertising people that fostered a deep, but as yet unrequited, love of the written word. I was determined to make them love me back and make a living from them.

My earliest memories of stories are from my grandmother. When I was old enough, and with her health in decline, Gran would dictate her ideas for a children’s story so I could write them down for her. Semi-autobiographical, she told a story of an only child growing up in a loveless home, who made her own adventures in her enormous house. Sadly, Gran never finished her book before body and mind failed her. But she inspired in me to write at least one in her honour. I promised her I would.

2018 saw me undertake my first ever attempt at writing a book. Two years later, War of the Sparrows was completed. 2021 marks the year of its release, 80 years since the Siege of Tobruk—the World War 2 campaign my Great Grandfather fought in, and the actions that inspired War of the Sparrows.

When I’m not writing tall tales, I’m in the garden with my wife, two kids, cat, dachshund, and four chooks in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.


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