D. A. Brittain

Award-winning Young Adult Author


About D. A. Brittain

D. A. Brittain, (Diane to family and friends), grew up reading anything and everything she could. Fairy tales that ended with the words “…happily ever after” were her favorites as a young girl. The creative works of J. R. R. Tolkien, and C. S. Lewis, and the romantic sonnets of famous poets filled her bookshelves as a teen. It seemed like a natural step for Diane to turn her love of reading into writing, and at the age of fourteen, she began composing poetry and short stories.

Diane still loves the words, “Once upon a time,” which call to mind the memories of her favorite childhood fables that carried her away on grand adventures into wonderful make-believe worlds. She focuses on writing historical fiction because she continues to enjoy traveling in her imagination back to far-off times and faraway places. In real life, she’s walked the land of the Bible, exploring many of its ancient ruins and historic sites. Diane’s travels have enhanced her passion for writing inspirational stories of faith that illuminate Biblical truth through realistic characters and adventure-filled tales.