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by Lilianne Milgrom

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The Silence of Children

by Chris Lewando


Saving a child she didn’t know hadn’t been on Dee’s list of things to do before she died. But if the bad guys find her, it might end up being the only thing on her bucket list.


The Sword of Cho Nisi

by D.L. Gardner

The Sword of Cho Nisi is the first in series

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From the moment Erika makes a fatal mistake that could cost her father his kingdom, she meets the challenge of redemption head-on, tackling the Dark Wizard, rescuing her brother from a torturous curse, and wrestling with a stormy love affair. She’s not alone, for the struggles are more than one person could handle, and her help comes from both family and unexpected sources. Regardless of who proves their allegiance, the Sword of Cho Nisi series is a test of courage for all our heroes.


The Career Toolkit

by Mark Herschberg

Networking, negotiating, communicating, leading, career planning—all skills critical to your career success. But did anyone ever teach you these skills? The Career Toolkit will help you master these vital skills and yield outsized returns for your career and your income.

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Peak Brain Plasticity

by Said Hasyim

eBook Sale:

November 22 –  December 22

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Unleash your true potential with proven methods to level up your brain’s power.

Do you notice feeling more forgetful? Are you self-limiting your progress because you believe that your brain is old already? Do you have anxiety that you can’t forget–even after trying every suggestion available?

This life-changing book contains the concept of neuroplasticity made digestible for everyone and more…
– Strategies to enhance your brain capacity to superlearn and have better memory to start each day with positivity


Scoochie & Skiddles: Scoochie's Adoption Story

by Tom Tracy

In celebration of “Scoochie’s” birthday

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December 18 – 20

Scoochie was adopted by her two daddies through a private, domestic, open adoption. In Scoochie’s Adoption Story, Scoochie takes you on the journey of her and her daddies’ adoption experience. She tells of the many distinct processes related to adoption such as the “match” process between her birth mom and daddies, the hospital and post-hospital experience, and the adoption hearing that legalized her adoption. Most importantly, she expresses her respect and positivity for her birth mom and birth family, while exuding immense pride and endless love for her two daddies and soon to be adopted sister. While the book’s theme is adoption, it honors and celebrates families of all types and structures. The story is an uplifting story about the bond family.



Rocliffe Series Books 1 & 2 by Stella Riley – eBooks & Paperbacks are on special offer from

December 13 – 23

This 6 book series is Georgian romances, each containing a separate story but linked by an ever-expanding cast of characters, led by the omniscient Duke of Rockliffe.

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Unexpected Impact

by Nancy Deswik MacCreery

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This Humorous mystery

Unexpected Impact by Nancy MacCreery is on sale @ Smashwords

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December 15 – January 1

After selling her sports car for a hybrid and choosing her career over a long-distance relationship, Sophia’s life unravels. She’s laid off from the job she loves, then finds her sister is getting married. To complicate matters, her sister’s prospective in-laws are not thrilled with the match and she’s counting on Sophia to help win them over.
Sophia manages to land a new job, but what appears to be a glitzy public relations assignment turns out to have unexpected challenges. A mercurial CEO and difficult vice presidents complicate her assignment. And danger lurks when she gets too close to the truth behind the profits.